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Meet the Multi-Tasking Foam That Makes Cleaning and Whitening a Breeze for Aligner and Retainer Wearers Everywhere

EverSmile’s WhiteFoam kills 99.9% of harmful mouth bacteria, freshening breath and whitening teeth with one simple squeeze

While visiting an orthodontist remains the safest and highest standard of care, the market for at-home plastic tray aligners is booming. Companies such as SmileDirectClub and Candid Co. now offer accessible alternatives to more traditional (and expensive) teeth straightening methods, but no matter which method you choose - aligner or retainer - either can leave you exposed to harmful mouth bacteria. That’s why EverSmile created WhiteFoam - a patented, FDA-registered cleaning and whitening on-the-go foam designed to kill 99.9% of unwanted oral bacteria from plastic tray aligners and retainers, keeping your teeth healthy and your smile bright. 

Using patent pending EverClean™ technology, WhiteFoam breaks up organic stain particles that discolor the teeth and dental appliances. Created by Dr. Michael Florman, a Los Angeles-based orthodontist with over 25 years of experience, WhiteFoam eliminates the need for messy overnight denture and retainer cleaners by providing an easy, convenient, on-the-go alternative to remove nasty buildup and gradually whiten teeth with no tooth sensitivity. “We have made it our mission to help people with aligners and retainers have a better experience by giving them an easy way to keep them clean and whiten at the same time,” says Dr. Florman. 

No rinsing or soaking is required; just one quick and simple pump of WhiteFoam kills 99.9% of unwanted oral bacteria, freshening breath and whitening teeth in a snap. Try WhiteFoam today at over 4,800 CVS stores across the nation and online at www.EverSmileWhite.com, where you can enjoy 10% off your purchase with a convenient monthly subscription. Learn more about EverSmile’s complete line of products on the website, all of which are backed by a 100% money back guarantee, and get your product questions answered 24/7 using EverSmile’s live chat option. Professionals or wholesalers are invited to visit the Doctor’s Portal to place bulk orders and download free product materials. Visit www.EverSmileWhite.com to learn more.

Dr. Florman, who practices in Los Angeles, is considered to be one of the top Invisalign providers in the country and has over 25 years of consulting experience for oral care companies including for Colgate, Arm & Hammer, and others. Dr. Florman has invented multiple dental products and has brought several products from inception to commercial success. For more information about the company and products, visit their site at: www.eversmilewhite.com.

About EverSmile

Located in Los Angeles, EverSmile’s mission is to create new and advanced oral care products that will change patients’ lives. Currently in development are our new sensitivity-free whitening agents, dry mouth formulations, low-abrasion toothpastes, and a complete children’s dental line. For more information about the company and products, visit their site at: www.eversmilewhite.com



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