AlignerFresh Original Clean

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For Clear Aligners & Retainers

AlignerFresh Original Clean

Getting an orthodontist recommended clean is easier than ever with EverSmile® AlignerFresh™. Just add the aligner cleaning foam to your trays, pop them back in, and go on with your day—no brushing, rinsing or soaking necessary. In just one minute, the foam works three ways:

  • Cleans Aligners
  • AlignerFresh removes build-up in your trays and plaque in your teeth, and prevents yellowing so your aligners and attachments remain undetectable. Use it during treatment with your aligners and post-treatment with your clear retainers.
  • Freshens Breath
  • The great-tasting minty formula kills 99.999% of bacteria in your aligners and your mouth, leaving you with fresher breath and a boost of confidence.
  • Whitens Teeth 
  • Use AlignerFresh consistently to gently whiten teeth with virtually no tooth sensitivity.

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AlignerFresh Original Clean

EverBrand's AlignerFresh is made specifically for aligners and the busy people who wear them. The formula is compatible with all clear aligners, including popular brands like Invisalign, Smile Direct Club, Byte and Candid Aligner Co. And when your aligner treatment is complete, WhiteFoam keeps your clear retainers fresh as you maintain your sparkling new smile. 

Orthodontists recommend wearing aligners 22 hours per day, and AlignerFresh helps you stay on track with your treatment goals. Keep a bottle handy anytime you need a complete clean, without waiting for soaks or carrying around a toothbrush. It’s so easy to use, even kids love it. No fuss, no mess—just cleaner aligners, fresher breath and whiter teeth. 

Correcting your smile is a big deal, so you need an aligner and retainer cleaner that’s both safe and effective to protect your investment. We use only orthodontist recommended ingredients in AlignerFresh foam, including the perfect concentration of hydrogen peroxide. It’s powerful enough to kill 99.999% of bacteria, but gentle enough to whiten your teeth with virtually no tooth sensitivity. That’s something to smile about. 

AlignerFresh Original Clean
Common Aligner Struggles

Common Aligner Struggles

  • Aligner funk causes bad breath and takes a toll on your confidence. (Bacteria is the culprit, it’s not your fault!)
  • Aligner trays and/or attachments can turn yellow over time. And no one wants a yellow smile.
  • Cleaning your aligners can be a pain, especially when you’re on the go. Who has time to wait around for soaks or bring a toothbrush everywhere you go? 
  • Retainers are meant to last for years, but are equally prone to build-up, odors and stains.

How AlignerFresh Saves The Day

  • It’s a wearable aligner cleaner, which means cleaning your aligners won’t take away from time spent wearing them.
  • It kills 99.999% of bacteria within 60 seconds, leaving you with fresh breath as well as healthy teeth and gums. 
  • The formula gently whitens teeth and attachments (even under attachments), so you can reveal a brighter smile when you finish treatment.
  • Use AlignerFresh anytime you want to freshen up, at home or on the go. No rinsing, brushing or soaking necessary. 
How AlignerFresh Saves The Day
Find a Cleaning Method That Works For You

Find a Cleaning Method That Works For You

By adding AlignerFresh to your everyday oral hygiene game plan, you’re preventing aligner build-up and funk before it becomes an issue. We suggest using it in the morning, at night and after meals for best results.

If you get thrown off your routine (it happens!) and notice heavy build-up or discoloration, don’t sweat it. Simply soak your trays in AlignerFresh for five minutes for a deeper clean. You can even use a soft-bristled toothbrush with AlignerFresh to remove aligner build-up. Be gentle—brushing too hard can scratch your trays and give them a cloudy appearance. 

Remember that AlignerFresh is more than an aligner cleaner foam. It’s a multitasking formula with bacteria-killing power and whitening that can be used in retainers for long-term maintenance. Keep it handy for a lifetime of benefits for your oral health. 


How AlignerFresh Works

  • Step 1

    Remove your trays and dispense up to a full pump of foam inside each tray. (A little goes a long way!)

  • Step 2

    Spread the foam evenly using the nozzle tip to cover and clean all areas. 

  • Step 3

    Pop your trays back in your mouth, spit out any excess, and let the foam naturally dissipate. No need to rinse.  


Get To Know America’s #1 Aligner Cleaning Foam

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EverSmile® AlignerFresh™ is the only wearable aligner cleaner on the market, using a patented hydrogen peroxide formula to eliminate aligner funk, freshen breath and gently whiten teeth at the same time. Whitefoam kills 99.999% of bacteria within 60 seconds, leaving your teeth healthy and your smile bright.

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Got A Question?

  • Does EverSmile AlignerFresh cause tooth sensitivity?

    Tooth sensitivity has not been reported with the proper use of EverSmile AlignerFresh. If sensitivity does occur reduce usage to once per day and consult your orthodontist.

  • How many times per day can I use EverSmile AlignerFresh?

    EverSmile AlignerFresh Original Clean can be used safely up to 4 times per day.
    EverSmile AlignerFresh Enamel Guard can be used safely up to twice per day. 

  • How long does one bottle of EverSmile AlignerFresh last?

    Each full size 50ml bottle will last approximately 30-60 days depending on how often it is used.

  • Can I eat or drink after using AlignerFresh Enamel Guard?

    To get the most benefit from AlignerFresh Enamel Guard, avoid eating, drinking, or smoking for at least 30 minutes so you don't wash away the fluoride.

  • How long until my teeth start to whiten?

    The whitening process will begin immediately, with visible results after 2-3 weeks of daily use.

  • Does AlignerFresh whiten under the attachments (buttons) placed during Invisalign treatment?

    Yes. The hydrogen peroxide foam travels in many directions through the surrounding enamel and reaches under the composite resin attachments.

  • Is this product safe to use while pregnant?

    As with any tooth whitening product, EverSmile AlignerFresh cannot be recommended while pregnant.

  • Can I use EverSmile AlignerFresh to soak my aligners?

    Absolutely! Although it is not necessary, you can soak your clear aligners while they are outside of the mouth to clean and freshen them throughout the day. Please follow the instructions for use.

  • Which appliances can EverSmile AlignerFresh be used on?

    EverSmile AlignerFresh is only designed to be used with clear orthodontic aligners or Essix type plastic retainers. Use with Hawley Retainers or other acrylic appliances may alter the color of the acrylic.

  • How does EverSmile AlignerFresh differ from retainer or denture tablets?

    Unlike retainer or denture tablets, AlignerFresh foam is wearable and can be sprayed directly into aligners and retainers with no brushing or soaking required. In addition to cleaning, WhiteFoam gradually whitens teeth with no tooth sensitivity. This saves you time by allowing you to clean your aligner or retainer on the go while whitening your teeth.

  • Can EverSmile AlignerFresh be used on Invisalign?

    Yes. Our AlignerFresh cleaning and teeth whitening foam can be used to clean Invisalign aligners.

  • Can EverSmile AlignerFresh be used on Smile Direct Club aligners?

    Yes. AlignerFresh foam can be used to clean and whiten teeth while wearing Smile Direct Club aligners.

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Remove your trays and dispense up to a full pump of foam inside each tray. (A little goes a long way!)

Spread the foam evenly using the nozzle tip to cover and clean all areas. 

Pop your trays back in your mouth, spit out any excess, and let the foam naturally dissipate. No need to rinse.  

Safety first!
While our formula is gentle on your teeth and free of harsh chemicals, you don’t want to swallow more than trace amounts of AlignerFresh (much like mouthwash or toothpaste.) If you used a little too much foam, just spit out the excess. You’ll get the hang of finding the perfect amount over time.


What you’ll find in AlignerFresh foam's safe, effective formula: water, hydrogen peroxide, glycerine, PEG, PVP, sodium lauryl sulfate, sucralose, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, eitdronic acid, mentha arvensis (mint) oil

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