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In 2013, Dr. Michael Florman was a leading Invisalign provider when he realized that many of his aligner patients had the same concern: “How do I keep my aligners clean and fresh?” Dr. Florman and Camilo Triana founded EverSmile to make it easy for all clear aligner patients to achieve fresh breath and healthy, bright white teeth during their aligner treatment. Dr. Florman’s patented method of application and advanced anionic hydrogen peroxide technology enables aligner wearers to clean and whiten at home or on the go, with the only wearable aligner cleaner on the market.

Since 2013 EverSmile has expanded its lineup to include FreshDent for on the go and at home denture cleaning; OmniFoam for implants, crowns, and bridges; and OrthoFoam for braces. In addition EverSmile has released a line of pocketable sprayers: AlignerFresh and OrthoChews for clear aligners, WhitenFresh for fresh breath and teeth whitening.

Our Story
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EverSmile is dedicated to making healthy, bright smiles easy for everyone!

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    Chief Executive Officer
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    Dr. Michael Florman is an orthodontist and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles with distinction as a Top 1% Invisalign Provider. With over 25 years of consulting experience for Colgate, Arm & Hammer, Dentsply Sirona, Credit Suisse, and other publicly traded oral care companies, Dr. Florman sold his successful publishing company in 2006 with strategic exit. Dr. Florman currently operates one of the largest Invisalign practices in the world and is the founder and CEO of both EverSmile, Inc. and Smile Lab where he has invented multiple innovative oral care products with particular focus on patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, teeth whitening, and breath freshening.



    Chief Operations Officer
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    Joshua Wallace is an accomplished operations, management, and technology entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA. As President of EverSmile, Inc., Joshua has used his business, marketing, design, and tech savvy to increase sales and launch innovative oral care products through international trade, competitive distribution contracts, new sales channels, and management of talented teams. Joshua’s bachelor’s degree in computer science from UC Santa Cruz underscores his passion for technology and his dedication to running a business logically and efficiently. Starting out in team management in renewable energies, Joshua moved into foodservice equipment brokering before founding and running a successful IT business which served the needs of small businesses.



    Chief Sales Officer
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    Camilo Triana is an experienced Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and salesman who has worked in the oral care, beauty, real estate, and foodservice industries throughout his career. As co-founder and Vice President of EverSmile, Inc., Camilo brought to market several unique products from inception and formulation to commercial success through marketing, social media, strategic investments, and both international and professional sales. Immigrating from Colombia at a young age, Camilo made the American Dream his reality by selling millions of dollars in Newport Coast properties for Marriott before moving on to brokering restaurant equipment deals with luxury hotels as well as performing sales consulting for plastic surgeons, esthetic spas, and dental offices.



    Chief Technology Officer
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    Sidney Eubanks is an expert web and application developer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. As VP of Information Technology at EverBrands, Sidney has transformed internal systems to dramatically increase efficiency and managed digital marketing campaigns and web properties to increase revenue. As a front end web developer at eBay’s Magento Commerce, Sidney contributed to a team maintaining standards of excellence in web development, designed & implemented significant redesigns to company communications, and helped build Imagine 2016, an event for thousands of eCommerce developers. Sidney has achieved a Bachelors of Science from UC Santa Cruz in Computer Science underscoring his love and passion for technology.

  • Lana Gailani

    Lana Gailani

    Executive Assistant
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    Lana Gailani is the newest member of EverBrands, where she utilizes a background in hospitality operations and development to assist the team in thriving through a period of rapid growth and adjustment by helping to systematize and streamline processes. She works on both the marketing and operational dimensions by acting as a liaison between EverBrands and our digital marketing and retail broker partners. She additionally acts as project manager, and has assisted with bringing OmniFoam and OrthoChews to market as well as helping bring the new EverBrands website to life.

  • Stuwie


    Runs the show
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    Stuwie serves concurrent roles as one of Eversmile's traveling sales reps and beloved cruelty-free mascot. Look for him at the next trade show and on all Eversmile packaging! Stuwie loves interacting with celebrities and commercial talent; he's always on set for every shoot and jumps at the chance to appear on the red carpet sporting a fashionable collar or bowtie. See him at work, jetsetting, and schmoozing with ceblebs on IG @StuwieInALouis. Embodying our corporate mission, his singular goal is to make you smile.