Eating Out With Clear Aligners

Eating Out With Clear Aligners

One of the best perks of wearing clear aligners is that you don't have to change your diet. Unlike traditional braces — where foods like popcorn, caramel or gum are off the table — you don't have to give up your favorite treats while wearing removable clear aligners. 

However, this doesn't mean you're off the hook entirely when it comes to eating food. You'll still need to follow certain steps to make sure you're protecting both your teeth and your aligners from damage. When it comes to eating out in restaurants, follow this process each time for a few simple steps to a straighter smile.

Before Your Meal

The first rule of clear aligners is to never eat or drink anything besides clear water without removing them.

Before you take the first bite, make sure you take your aligners out. It's a quick and easy process you've likely done countless times already — but make sure you don't forget to do so while you're out at a restaurant. Eating food while they're in your mouth can, at best, make it more difficult to chew. At worst, you risk cracking your aligners. 

During Your Meal

We recommend skipping the appetizer or dessert and making fairly quick work of your meal. There's no need to scarf your food down or stress over each passing minute, but remember that you should wear your aligners for 22 hours a day for best results.

With three meals a day, plus any time for snacks, the time spent without wearing your aligners can add up. Once you're done eating, you'll want to clean up and replace your aligners as soon as possible.

After Your Meal

Once you've eaten every last bite, it's time to brush your teeth and clean your aligners before replacing them.

This step is crucial to your oral health. If you don't brush away any food particles and sugar, the aligners will trap them on your teeth for the next several hours, potentially causing damage or allowing decay to set in.

Of course, heading to the restroom to give your teeth a thorough cleaning isn't always practical or easy. Maybe you're on-the-go, or maybe your restaurant's public restroom doesn't exactly look like the kind of place you want to hang out in and brush your teeth. We've all been there. That's why we created AlignerFresh.

Designed to fit into a pocket or slip into your bag, you can spritz some AlignerFresh spray onto your trays and pop them right back into your mouth. The spray is made of a hydrogen peroxide-based formula that can kill 99% of bacteria while it freshens your breath and cleans your teeth.

WhiteFoam is another popular EverSmile product for cleaning clear aligners, removing buildup and whitening teeth. While the bottle is a little bigger than the pocketable AlignerFresh size, it's still an easy, on-the-go product to keep your smile bright and your aligners clean after eating a meal out.

Purchase Your On-the-Go Aligner Cleaning Supplies Today

If the thought of brushing your teeth and cleaning your aligners in a public restroom is preventing you from eating out at restaurants, EverSmile has a solution. Browse our AlignerFresh and WhiteFoam bottles for an easy addition to your backpack. These will keep your Invisalign trays clean and fresh after your meal, so you can pop them back in and go on with your day — as easy as that!


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