How to Stop Aligners From Cutting Your Gums

How to Stop Aligners From Cutting Your Gums

Before having your invisible aligners placed, you're probably feeling pretty excited about the process — after all, you're one step closer to the smile of your dreams! However, starting a new tray can sometimes come with a little bit of discomfort. Don't worry — there are plenty of tricks you can use to help alleviate the pain and resume your daily life. Read on to discover our top tips for what to do if your invisible aligners are cutting you.

Is It Normal for Gums to Get Sore or Cut From Aligners?

It's perfectly normal for a new set of clear aligners to cause some discomfort. While trays are custom-made to fit your teeth, they're also designed to gradually and gently move them into their perfect position. This movement can come with minor pain, such as sore gums or slight cuts, as your teeth adjust.

If your pain persists or worsens, speak to your dentist with any concerns. However, there are also several small steps you can take on your own to make your clear aligners more comfortable.

What to Do if Your Aligners Are Cutting Your Gums or Tongue

Can aligners damage gums permanently? Fortunately, the answer is usually no. Some temporary soreness or cutting is usually to be expected, but this can often be treated right at home without causing any lasting issues. Try these strategies, and you should be on your way to the perfect smile in no time.

Apply Dental Wax

Experiencing soreness in any part of your mouth? Dental wax is an easy solution to provide some relief. Apply a small wad of dental wax on particularly painful areas in your mouth, placing it on the outside of the aligner where it is cutting your gums. You'll want to replace your dental wax regularly since you won't be able to eat or brush your teeth properly while it's applied. 

Use Dental Chewies

Dental Chewies are another simple way to ease you into your new aligners. Just pop these small, round rubber pieces into the painful spot in your mouth and chew on them for up to 1-2 minutes at a time, several times a day. This will create pressure that helps the aligner snap into place and sit properly on your teeth. Be careful not to bite down directly onto your aligners, as this risks damaging them. 

For an effective dental chewie, try EverSmile's OrthoChews, which come in both soft and medium densities depending on your preferences.

Put Your Aligners on at Night

If you're nervous about experiencing discomfort, try transitioning to a new tray right before bedtime. Your mouth can adjust to your new aligners throughout the night while you're asleep, which can help reduce any pain you feel the next day.

Clean Your Aligners With WhiteFoam

Struggling to get your new aligners on? Try applying some EverSmile WhiteFoam to create some lubrication and help tight trays slide into place. As a bonus, this patented whitening foam will remove any buildup on your aligners and clean your mouth with minimal tooth sensitivity. Just pump some foam into your trays and place them over your teeth. WhiteFoam will also help to kill bacteria, keeping cuts clean and preventing any infection.

Eat or Drink Something Cold

Need one last measure to soothe your pain — and boost your morale? Cold food or drink, like ice cream or a smoothie, can help to numb your pain temporarily. Just remember to remove your clear aligners before you eat or drink anything besides water.

Ease Your Discomfort With Products From EverSmile

EverSmile offers a line of products geared toward giving you the best experience with your clear aligners. Shop our collection of on-the-go products, including cleaning foam and dental chewies, to help your teeth straightening process go as smoothly as possible.


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