Six Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Smile Makeovers

Six Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Smile Makeovers

Everyone has a smile worth sharing, but many people face challenges when it comes to their teeth. Dental procedures are frequently used to correct yellow, crooked or chipped teeth, and your favorite celebrities are no exception. Keep reading to see six impressive examples of celebrities before and after teeth procedures.

1. Zac Efron


Zac Efron's smile has seen quite a change since his appearance as "Summerland's" Cameron Bale in 2004. In his early years, Efron was easily identified by the large space between his two front teeth. Since then, Efron has boasted a straight, gap-less smile in hit movies like "Baywatch" and "Neighbors." He credits this change to a combination of invisible braces, teeth whitening and porcelain veneers.

                    Source: Wikimedia Commons

2. Celine Dion


When award-winning musician Celine Dion emerged onto the music scene in the 1980s, her teeth were overcrowded and not as white as the smile we see today. In addition to teeth whitening, Dion used dental crowns and porcelain veneers to straighten her teeth, resulting in a broader, brighter smile.

                        Source: Wikipedia

3. Jim Carrey

                                                                                                                            Sources: Flickr, Wikimedia Commons

When you think of Jim Carrey, chances are a picture of his chipped tooth in "Dumb and Dumber" springs to mind — but did you know the chipped tooth was real? It's true. Carrey is just one of several celebrities who have had dental work done. In this case, it's a cap on his front tooth. According to Entertainment Weekly, Carrey's tooth was injured during his school days, and he removed the cap for his role in the comedy film to accentuate his character.

4. Demi Moore


During an interview with Jimmy Fallon in 2017, actress Demi Moore revealed that she had lost two of her natural teeth due to stress. Although uncommon, what happened to Moore is possible for several reasons, including the relationship between stress and gum disease, as well as how stress negatively affects bruxism. Since then, Moore has replaced her teeth with dental veneers.

                  Source: Wikimedia Commons

5. Nicolas Cage


In Nicolas Cage's early acting career, his teeth were far from the glistening, straight smile you see in his films today. Instead, Cage's teeth were yellowed and crooked, something he corrected with porcelain veneers and regular teeth whitening.

Here's a fun fact: In the 1980s, Nicolas Cage had two of his baby teeth pulled for his role in the film "Birdy."

                  Source: Wikimedia Commons

6. Tom Cruise

                    Source: Wikimedia Commons                                                   Source: Wikimedia Commons

Over the years, Tom Cruise has seen a drastic smile makeover. In his early films, Cruise's teeth were crooked and overlapping, with an overbite and a chipped tooth. Cruise used invisible braces and other alignment procedures — along with teeth whitening and veneers — to correct most of these problems. Today, his smile is bright white, and all signs of an overbite or overcrowded mouth are long gone.

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