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Back to School With OrthoFoam and Yellow Beads and Me!

a crowded bathroom counter featuring a bottle of OrthoFoam in a blue dish in front of several blue toothbrushes lying across the dish

Yellow Beads and Me talks about OrthoFoam and AlignerFresh!

Jen is mom to Tommy and Ameilia. Tommy is in braces and Amelia has a retainer, so they were perfect to give OrthoFoam and AlignerFresh a try! Tommy thought OrthoFoam was easy to use and liked the bubblegum flavor. Amelia liked that AlignerFresh kept her retainers free of gunk and freshened her breath. Jen was happy her kids were taking care of their teeth!

A screenshot of an instagram post featuring two tween kids, brother and sister, smiling in braces for their first day of school

Quantity: 1 bottle

Volume: 50ml per bottle

Lasts: 30 days if used twice a day


  • Cleans over and under braces, brackets, and wires
  • Simple brush and rinse formula
  • Gradually whitens teeth with no tooth sensitivity
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