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All The Ways to Clean ALL Clear Aligners- Cut Through The Crud!

No matter which company you went with- Invisalign, SmileDirectClub, Candid Co, ClearCorrect, SnapCorrect, SmileLove, ByteMe, YourSmileDirect, UniformTeeth, Orthly or any of the others-- we've got you. Aligner funk happens to everyone, and we want you to feel confident that your breath is fresh and your teeth are bright!

We cover all the recommended cleaning solutions and also make sure you know what not to do to keep your aligners crystal clear and your teeth bright white!

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  • Guide to Wearing Aligners

    Guide to Wearing Aligners

    Braces are often considered an inconvenient, but necessary, rite of passage for children and young teens as they seek to correct crooked teeth and bite issues that may negatively impact oral health later on. While braces are common in childhood, the American Association of Orthodontists states one...

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  • How to Make Your Smile Last After Aligner (and Braces) Treatment

    How to Make Your Smile Last After Aligner (and Braces) Treatment

    You did it! You finally finished your aligner treatment. It's the moment you've been waiting for since before you got your first set of aligners.  First of all, congratulations. The journey has not been easy, and we're happy you finally made it to the end...

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  • How to Manage Being Sick With Aligners

    How to Manage Being Sick With Aligners

    Getting sick is never enjoyable. For those trying to straighten their teeth, they must manage their aligners while nursing themselves back to health. Wearing aligners for 22 hours each day complicates your normal routine, so catching a cold or the flu can throw off your...

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