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FreshDent Made The List!

BEST Mid-Range Denture Cleaner!

EZVid spent 21 hours reviewing the best denture cleaners of 2019, and we made the list! This is an independent, impartial review and we're honored that FreshDent is included as the BEST mid-range option with FOUR STARS! Check out the video above or their writeup here. They cover all the tablets, pastes, powders, and sprays you can think of!

Three side by side product images of SmileAgain denture cleaner with 4 stars, ranked


Quantity: 2 bottles

Volume: 10ml

Lasts: 60 days if used twice a day


  • The only wearable denture & partial cleaner
  • Kills bacteria on-the-go
  • Freshens breath with mild mint flavor
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