WhitenFresh Stuns the Esthetic Industry at International Congress of Esthetics

WhitenFresh Stuns the Esthetic Industry at International Congress of Esthetics

As beauty experts filled Long Beach Convention Center, many attendees couldn’t resist stopping by EverSmile’s booth and giving their teeth a few sprays of WhitenFresh™. Many estheticians and spas commented on the unique idea of WhitenFresh™ and how there is no other on-the-go breath freshening and teeth whitening product on the market. “The reason I like WhitenFresh™ compared to other teeth whitening companies is that your product is simple and quick for our on-the-go customers – no trays, no mess, no sensitivity, just spray, swish and go.” Everyone wants instant gratification and WhitenFresh™ offers that plus the refreshing idea of improving everyone’s dental hygiene.

It made sense for us to attend our first esthetic trade show as we share the same customer base. People who care about their skin and face also care about their smiles and how white their teeth look. But, it wasn’t just selling this product to customers that won over attendees but also how our product improved their lives and their staff’s lives. “We're constantly in customers’ faces and WhitenFresh™ prevents bad odor. There's nothing more embarrassing than giving a facial and not knowing you have really bad morning breath.” Many were shocked to find out WhitenFresh™ worked right away to remove stains after their morning coffee, and enjoyed the taste in comparison to other products that taste bad and require you to wear them for an extended period of time.

Camilo Triana, Vice President of EverSmile, educated attendees on the benefits of WhitenFresh™ and how it’s not just a cosmetic product but also as a highly regarded oral hygiene product people can use throughout their day. “WhitenFresh kills odor causing bacteria in the mouth, helping to improves a person’s overall oral hygiene and cleanliness. The idea is that when you can’t reach for a tooth brush, this will be your go-to product for in-between brushing.” The formula is the same ingredients found in EverSmile’s WhiteFoam™, WhitenFresh™’s sister product, and has the backing of many dentists and orthodontists, who highly approve of WhiteFoam™’s safe formula and have been offering the product to customers for years.

With such a warm welcoming to the industry plus all the positive feedback, you can be sure you’ll see EverSmile’s WhitenFresh™ at more esthetic trade shows soon!


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