How Your Retainer Can Make You Sick If You Don't Do This ONE Thing

How Your Retainer Can Make You Sick If You Don't Do This ONE Thing

After months of intensive orthodontic care, you finally have your new and improved smile. The day you get your braces off or turn in your last clear plastic aligner is cause for celebration. Now you have a shiny new retainer to help maintain your beautiful smile. However, if you're not careful, this unassuming appliance can make you sick if you don't do this one thing — keep your retainer clean.

How Can Your Retainer Make You Sick?

Can a dirty retainer make you sick? Absolutely. 

Once your orthodontic treatment is complete, you were probably given one clear and vital instruction — wear your retainer. After all, wearing your retainer ensures all that hard work of straightening your smile remains intact. However, there is another equally important but too often neglected rule — clean your retainer. 

Dirty retainers become breeding grounds for bacteria. They can harbor other dangerous germs and microbes, including Candida, a fungus that can cause a yeast infection in the body, or staphylococcus, which can result in a serious staph infection.

If you're feeling lazy and pop your retainer into your mouth without cleaning it, you can introduce these potentially dangerous microscopic organisms into your mouth and body, threatening your overall health.

Cleaning Regularly Is the Only Way to Prevent Bacteria Growth

While retainers can cause sickness, they don't have to. Just like your teeth and gums, your retainer needs to be diligently cleaned every day. This routine is the only way to prevent bacteria growth and cleanse away potentially hazardous microbes. You can clean your retainer quickly and effectively by running it under warm water after popping it out. You can then gently brush it with a soft-bristle toothbrush to ensure you reach all the grooves. 

Other effective methods of cleaning your retainer include:

  • Specially formulated retainer cleaners, like easy-to-use WhiteFoam™ from EverSmile®.
  • Soap and warm water.
  • Denture cleansers.
  • Equal parts baking soda and water. 
  • Vinegar and water.

Follow a Set Cleaning Routine to Keep Your Retainer Feeling Fresh

While wearing your retainer every day is essential to maintaining your beautiful, new smile, cleaning this appliance is just as important. Instead of absentmindedly wearing your retainer, establish a simple hygiene routine so you always remember to keep it clean. 

Products from EverSmile® are specially formulated to keep your retainer fresh, kill bacteria and even whiten your smile. Browse our products today to find your ideal retainer cleansing solution.


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