AlignerFresh Spray

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AlignerFresh Spray

EverSmile's AlignerFresh™ uses patented technology to remove aligner buildup, whiten your teeth and freshen your breath. Aligners are amazing tools that straighten your smile, but within only hours of wear, they can begin to yellow, become odorous and start building up with bacteria. With AlignerFresh, you can clean your aligners and kill 99.999% of bacteria in just one minute while whitening your teeth and freshening your breath. 

Our travel-size aligner cleaner fits in any pocket, purse or backpack, so you can use it anywhere you go. AlignerFresh can be used up to six times a day, making it the perfect aligner and retainer cleaner for before and after meals. It's also safe for all braces and bracket systems. By using AlignerFresh regularly, you can prevent buildup, odor and the need to soak your products.

To use AlignerFresh, remove your aligner and spray one and a half pumps of the solution onto your aligner. In one minute, AlignerFresh kills 99.999% of all bacteria and lightens your aligner to give your mouth a pop of freshness. With everyday use, your aligner will look brighter, smell better and be nearly bacteria-free. Do your mouth a favor and try AlignerFresh today!

The benefits of AlignerFresh include:

  • Pocketable size to use anywhere!
  • Removes aligner build up and freshens breath
  • Gradually whitens teeth with no tooth sensitivity

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The Problem

The Problem

  • Aligners start to get funky and discolored as soon as you put them in your mouth.
  • Bacteria grow under your aligners, causing bad breath that can make you self-conscious.
  • This bacteria can also cause tooth decay.
  • It is often inconvenient to brush or soak your aligners when you are away from home.
  • Deep soaking aligners takes hours out of your day. 
  • Teeth whitening is time-consuming and can be prohibitively expensive.

The Solution

  • AlignerFresh is a travel-size retainer cleaner that fits in your bag and pocket so you can easily take it everywhere.
  • Spray your trays and put them right back in your mouth- no soaking or brushing required.
  • 99.999% of bacteria are killed within 60 seconds, leaving your teeth healthy and breath minty fresh.
  • Our hydrogen peroxide-based formula also gently lightens aligners, attachments, and teeth.
  • Regularly using AlignerFresh reduces the frequency you have to soak your aligner. 
  • Using AlignerFresh every day can gradually whiten your teeth and leave you with a bright and youthful smile. 
The Solution
Three Simple Steps

How It Works

  • Step 1

    Remove trays and spray 1-2 pumps inside each tray.

  • Step 2

    Place trays in mouth and spit out any excess foam.

The only pocketable aligner cleaner and tooth whitener in one

The only pocketable aligner cleaner and tooth whitener in one


Why AlignerFresh?

Why AlignerFresh? More Videos
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EverSmile AlignerFresh: The only wearable aligner cleaner you can keep in your pocket! Patent-pending technology solves the number one problem with wearing aligners; whitening teeth and cleaning aligners on-the-go. Perfect for after meals when you can't brush.

Got A Question?

  • Does EverSmile AlignerFresh cause tooth sensitivity?

    Tooth sensitivity has never been reported with the proper use of EverSmile AlignerFresh when used as directed. If sensitivity does occur reduce usage to once per day and consult your orthodontist.

  • How many times per day can I use EverSmile AlignerFresh?

    EverSmile AlignerFresh can be used safely up to 6 times per day.

  • How long does one bottle of EverSmile AlignerFresh last?

    Each 10ml bottle will last approximately 30 days if used 3 times daily.

  • How long until my teeth start to whiten?

    The whitening process will begin immediately, with visible results after 2-3 weeks of daily use.

  • Is AlignerFresh safe on all orthodontics brackets/materials?

    Yes! AlignerFresh is safe and works on all forms of brackets, wires, dental crowns, veneers, composites, and clear aligners.

  • Is this product safe to use while pregnant?

    As with any tooth whitening product, EverSmile AlignerFresh cannot be recommended while pregnant.

  • Why was AlignerFresh developed?

    AlignerFresh was developed for on-the-go customers to clean yellowing aligners, whiten teeth, and freshen breath using a patent pending formula consisting of hydrogen peroxide and cleaning agents. The hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria that causes bad breath and tooth decay. The whitening effects are similar to those of any peroxide based whitening product.

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Remove trays. Spray 1-2 pumps inside each tray to clean trays. Place trays back into mouth to whiten teeth. Use up to 4 times daily to clean, whiten, & freshen trays & teeth.


What you’ll find in AlignerFresh's safe, effective formula: water, hydrogen peroxide, glycerine, PEG, PVP, sodium lauryl sulfate, sucralose, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, eitdronic acid, mentha arvensis (mint) oil

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