Um, Your Mouth is Gross

Um, Your Mouth is Gross

Your mouth. A gaping, moist orifice on your face that leads to the depths of your intestines. Lovely. Mouths are also home to the tongue which is the strongest muscle for its size in the human body and the only one that is tethered at a single end. Freaky. If you didn’t know what a mouth was and someone described it to you, I am pretty sure you’d wretch. It sounds horrible. Yet, we love mouths. We love mouths so much that women cover them in makeup and couples unite them to express affection. We also love to eat which cannot be done sans mouth. So, without ignoring the crucial functions of the mouth, let us enlighten you as to just how disgusting this essential body part actually is.

  • The human mouth has over 600 species of bacteria with a single drop of saliva holding a count of 100 million bacteria. Ew.
  • Your tongue. Just flapping around in there.
  • Your teeth are alive and feature their own blood supply and nerves. Ahhh!
  • Saliva is actually blood that has been filtered through your glands. Bleck.
  • The average person creates 1 liter of saliva per day. Gooey.
  • Your saliva can technically digest parts of you. The amylase breaks down carbohydrate structures that can actually be found in the human body. Self-cannibalizing anyone?
  • Children have two sets of teeth inside their heads. Just another reason to be utterly terrified of them all.
  • Your mouth is connected to your nose and eyes. All these holes end up either going to the windpipe or the digestive system. Unity?
  • Teeth are the hardest part of the human body. Just let that one sink in. Chomp chomp!
  • Your mouth is pretty much just muscles. Gelatinous -- gross.
  • Nearly all life-threatening medical conditions come with oral symptomatology. It’s like a big, wobbly hole of death!

We hope we have sufficiently grossed you out. Just remember though, that there are things you can do to make your mouth less disgusting. Practice good oral hygiene and make sure that any orthodontics you put in your mouth are cleaned regularly.


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