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Whitens Teeth

WhitenFresh™'s patented EverClean™ Technology whitens your teeth using only 3.8% hydrogen peroxide with virtually no sensitivity and you can use it up to 6 times per day.


Never miss a shot. With WhitenFresh™ your smile will always be picture perfect even when you don't have the time to brush throughout the day. It's also safe to consume in small amounts.

Kills Odors

WhitenFresh™ contains hydrogen peroxide which not only whitens your teeth, but also kills bacteria that cause bad breath.

Coffee Stains

Be Protected

Morning Run

Shine Bright

Party Hard

Be Prepared

Cigarette Stains

Clear White

Job Interview

Get Hired

Be Sloppy

Eat Hearty

Stinky Breath

Be Confident

Wine Stains

Clear Away

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Step 1

Spray up to 4 pumps into mouth onto your tongue as well as your teeth.

Step 2

Use your tongue to spread WhitenFresh™ over your teeth and swish for 60s.
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