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Lunch & Learn

We know it can be hard to get the office together, but nothing unites a team like pizza. Sign up for a Lunch & Learn! On our virtual lunch date we’ll send pizza and teach you about EverSmile products & how they can help improve your patients’ compliance and results!

Step 1

Use the calendar below to schedule your lunch and learn. Please note: You may see more times on the calendar than are available. Only schedule your Lunch & Learn between the hours of 11am & 2pm in your time zone.

Step 2

Receive your lunch & learn kit including free samples, virtual meet up instructions, and other goodies.

Step 3

Get ready to eat! An hour before your team's Lunch & Learn an EverSmile representative will follow up to get your food order and answer any set up questions you may have.

Please note: In order to participate in Lunch & Learns you are required to provide your own computer, equipped with speakers and a microphone, with an internet connection fast enough to stream. The video streaming process is conducted through a simple video link. No additional set up should be required by the office.

Why should your patients use WhiteFoam?

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EverSmile® WhiteFoam™ is a patented cleaning formulation designed to clean & freshen orthodontic aligners & clear retainers on-the-go, which increases patient compliance, with virtually no tooth sensitivity. No soaking or rinsing required, just pump the foam into trays, place them in mouth, and go! Who doesn't love fresh breath, crystal clear aligners, and white teeth?