How To Clean Invisalign Trays

How to clean Invisalign with EverSmile WhiteFoam's Three Simple Steps

With EverSmile WhiteFoam

Keeping Invisalign clean can be a full-time job if you don't have the right product. Your orthodontist may recommend tablets or brushing but you'll still end up with dirty, yellow Invisalign trays. EverSmile WhiteFoam uses patented EverClean™ technology to clean and whiten using proprietary surfactants, solvents, and hydrogen peroxide. EverClean breaks up and loosens large organic stain particles responsible for discoloration of Invisalign while simultaneously killing the bacteria growing on your Invisalign trays. And using it couldn't be any simpler – here's how to clean Invisalign trays:

  1. Apply ½ to 1 pump full of EverSmile WhiteFoam to Invisalign trays.
  2. Spread foam evenly to cover all areas of Invisalign trays.
  3. Place Invisalign trays in mouth and spit out excess foam. Wear as directed.
Clean Your Invisalign Today!


"Love this Invisalign cleaner! Completely got rid of the gunk and smell that can build up even if you take care of your aligners. I use it every day and can't imagine having gone through my whole Invisalign treatment without it! The fact that it doubles as a whitening treatment just makes it even further worth it." - Chris C

Without WhiteFoam

Invisalign trays without EverSmile WhiteFoam Cleaner

With WhiteFoam

Invisalign trays with EverSmile WhiteFoam Cleaner

Without WhiteFoam

Teeth trays without EverSmile WhiteFoam Cleaner

With WhiteFoam

Teeth trays with EverSmile WhiteFoam Cleaner