Frequently Asked Questions

Does EverSmile WhiteFoam cause tooth sensitivity?

We have never seen any patient’s have tooth sensitivity with the product when the directions for use are followed.

How many times per day can I use EverSmile WhiteFoam?

EverSmile WhiteFoam can be used up to 4 times per day.

How long does one bottle of EverSmile WhiteFoam last?

EverSmile WhiteFoam will last approximately 30 days if used twice daily.

How long until my teeth start to whiten?

EverSmile WhiteFoam is meant to gradually whiten teeth throughout clear orthodontic aligner treatment or orthodontic retention. The whitening process will begin from day one with visible results after 2-3 weeks of daily use.

Will my teeth be discolored after my attachments (buttons) are removed?

Once your attachments are removed there is no tooth discoloration as the Hydrogen Peroxide in the foam form penetrates under the aligner attachments through the surrounding enamel.

Is this product safe to use while pregnant?

As with any tooth whitening product, we can not recommend using EverSmile WhiteFoam while pregnant..

Can I use EverSmile WhiteFoam to soak my aligners?

Absolutely! Although it is not necessary, you can soak your clear aligners while they are outside of the mouth to clean and freshen them throughout the day. Please follow the instructions for use.


Active Ingredient: 3.8% hydrogen peroxide
Inactive Ingredients: Water, glycerine, PEG, sodium laurel sulfate, xantham gum, sucralose, carbomer, sodium citrate, etidronic acid, sodium benzoate.

Approved Materials

The approved materials are all vacuum formed plastics used to make essix retainers, plastics used to make Invisalign and Vivera retainer, and clear Correct Plastics.